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About us

Alison Skelton

CEO and Occupational Therapist

As the founder of FUNctional Pediatric Therapy, Dr. Skelton understands the importance of a client-centered holistically focused approach to occupational therapy. Dr. Skelton holds a Doctorate degree from Spalding University in Occupational Therapy. She is registered and licensed in the state of Kansas.  Dr. Skelton has a passion for sensory processing disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, genetic disorders and syndromes. 

      Dr. Skelton grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where she discovered her love of animals, the outdoors, and ultimately occupational therapy. A proud mother of two children who have special needs, she was able to experience occupational therapy from a parent perspective.   After realizing the life-changing benefits that were a direct result of occupational therapy, she decided to go back to school and obtain her degree in occupational therapy.  Dr. Skelton and her family relocated from Kentucky to the Bonner Springs, KS area in 2017.  Dr. Skelton enjoys horseback riding, reading, any outdoor activities, watching her children play sports, and spending time on her hobby farm with her husband.  Dr. Skelton is honored to be a part of the Basehor community and is passionate about advocating for her patients.

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Our mission

FUNctional Pediatric Therapy is an outpatient pediatric therapy clinic that provides occupational, physical and speech therapy. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best research-based, most comprehensive and individualized therapeutic interventions in order to optimize each child's level of functionality. Our practice is focused on providing the most appropriate interventions and "just right" challenges, based upon a child's individualized needs, to ensure that every child is equipped with the skills necessary to grow and develop to their highest potential.  At FUNctional pediatric therapy we provide interventions through meaningful play so that each child is intrinsically motivated and will ultimately find success in all that they do. In other words at FUNctional Pediatric Therapy we put the FUN in functional!  

Meet the Team

FUNctional Pediatric Therapy works hard to find the best practitioners and staff for supporting our mission.  Our practitioners and administrative staff members are compassionate, forward thinking, community oriented, and passionate about providing the best care they can for their patients.

  FUNctional Pediatric Therapy is proud to introduce our incredible staff:


"I have had the privilege to observe Alison grow as a practitioner in the field of occupational therapy. For her, it's personal.  As a parent herself, Alison has the unique ability to advocate for and address your child's needs while relating to the ever-changing role of caregiver to positively impact your child and the entire family"


Tyler Wilson, MSOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

"Alison's belief in early intervention and individualized plans for students is unmatched. I've seen first hand her willingness to monitor and adjust interventions according to students' needs and successes. Her strategies are thoughtful and their success is measurable.  Students feel comfortable working with her, and she brings out a confidence in kids that is unparalleled."


Lindsay Smith, BSE, MSE

Adaptive Special Education Teacher

" Alison was an occupational therapy co-worker with me at Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative in Emporia, Kansas.  During my time working with her, I observed that Alison is someone who works incredibly hard to be the best occupational therapist she can be.  She strives to use evidence-based practice, she is  a great communicator, and cares for all of the patient's and their family's needs.  The thing I miss most about Alison is her positive attitude and excellent communication skills.  I recommend taking any child with therapy needs to FUNctional Pediatric Therapy to work with Alison!"


Shelby Turney OTD

Occupational Therapist


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